Why Fidget Spinners are So Popular

If you have kids between the ages of five and fifteen, you most likely have had an encounter with the fidget spinner. This amazing toy is today used by people of all ages; in fact, it is not unlikely to find a grandma somewhere playing with the tiny spinner. So many people have warmed up to the gadget. Although they have been around for a while, the popularity of fidget spinners has suddenly exploded this is all thanks to the internet and social media. A ton of videos can be found online about how to use the spinners and a variety of tricks one can do with the toys.

Despite all this commotion and love for the fidget toys for adults , some people, teachers especially, think that the toys are just too much. They believe these toys should be banned from school and classes because they are causing so much destruction. However, these toys have become the in thing for many reasons, some of which are detailed below.

Enhanced Focus
When a toy causes so much frenzy, you can be sure that it will draw the attention of scholars; this is the case with the fidget spinners. A lot of research has been done to figure out exactly how children can benefit from the toy. It turns out kids with ADHD, and other cognitive impairments can use the spinners to help them stay focused for longer periods. A child with ADHD requires a lot of movement from place to place because their brain is wired in such a way that makes them unable to concentrate for too long. With the fidget spinners, they can get some stimuli from the movement of the toy, and this allows them to stay put for longer that if they did not have the toy at all.

Good for Passing Time with Friends
Kids love hanging out with each other. As they interact they get to grow not just socially, but their cognition gets to expand a little more. The fidget spinners are a toy used by kids to enhance their social time. Just like a couple of years back students used to play with hacky sacks in school compounds and the corridors, today the spinners help kids pass the time as they learn different neat tricks and interact.

Help Reduce Anxiety
When people get nervous, they tend to make some strange movements such as biting their fingers, tapping or pacing around. These toys help keep your hands busy, and because you are sure nobody can sense you are nervous you tend to relax a little more.

Teachers might dislike fidget spinner . However, kids, parents, and therapists think that fidget spinners are great in so many ways.